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From the Owner – David Boydstun,

In 1990 AMS Racing was opened its doors in Tempe, AZ. In the beginning we were a motorcycle junk yard, but started adding new parts and a couple of mechanics – we got into vintage stuff along the way. The City of Tempe took the property for new development, and forced us out of the junk yard business. We then moved to Mesa, AZ to a 15,000ft retail store. It was not a good move, but we made it through our three year lease and moved to a smaller mail order location. This turned out to be an excellent move for AMS Racing.

AMS Racing has been the national series sponser of many national series events throughout the years, and we would love to see you at the races!

AMS Racing | About AMS

I have had many roles and titles in my VMX career. I’ve been a Series Sponsor, Tech Inspector, Regional Coordinator of the S/W Regional Series, an elected Trustee, National Off Road Director, as well as being the founder of the Arizona based vintage club AVDRA back in 1990. Over the years, I have collected over 300 vintage bikes, but now am down to about 40 of my favorites. I grew up in SoCal, racing CMC stuff and moved to Arizona in 1979 after coming out to visit friends. I fell in love with the weather, and the little slower pace compared to SoCal. It’s very nice here in the desert.

AMS Racing has changed a lot over time, but we do love motorcycles and the people that fix them, collect them, and ride them. We are motorcycle people!

This is where I started.
AMS Racing | About AMS

Please give us a try and see if we can’t help you with your next project. Thanks for reading and thank you for your business!

The AMS Racing Crew

AMS Racing | About AMS