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AMS Racing is the home of over 100 national championships and vintage racings largest team. Below are riders who are helped by AMS Racing in the way of riding gear, tech support, parts discounts, transportation and a place to park their bikes at the races. All of them are fine representatives of the sport, and will answer any of the questions you might have. If you see the AMS Racing jersey on a rider in your area, please feel free to go over and talk to them about vintage racing.

Some of Team AMS Racing’s bikes at the 1999
“Dual in the Desert” National in Phoenix, Arizona.

AMS Racing | Team Bikes

AMS Racing’s Team
AMS Racing | Team AMS
James Smith
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Scott Stanford
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Ed Kavanagh
Phoenix, AZ
Iron Man 05′-06′ & 06′-07′
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Stone Parker
New Texas Connection
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Greg Roth
#35 – Phoenix, AZ
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Dave Boydstun
#5v – Mesa, AZ
Owner of AMS Racing
Former National Off Road Coordinator
1999 Classic 250 & 500 Expert National Champion
2000 Classic 500 Expert National Champion
2000 Modern Classic Intermediate Nationl Trials Champion
2001 Premier Light Weight Expert Champion
Premier 500 Expert Champion
Jeff Smith Expert High Point Award Winner (520 points)
Bill Nillson Award Winner
Vintage Iron Award Winner (most points in Premier)
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Jake Crosby
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Bill Nazelrod
#461 Honda CR 125 – Ellicot City, MD
“Master of Mud”
99′-00′ 125 Expert National Champion
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Mark Arsenault
#8M Husky 125 – Rancho Cucamonga, CA
1999 Southwest Regional Expert Classic and Sportsman Champion
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Mark Mackay
#9F – Toldeo, OH
“Mr. Nice Guy”
1999 30+, 40+, and 250 Intermediate National Champion. Three class runner-up’s in Expert class!
Winner of the 2002 “Jim Pomeroy Award” for outstanding performance in the 250 class.
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Jon Bren
#24G Montesa VR – New York, NY
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Marc Pape
#99x – Phoenix, AZ
2002 Open Age Novice National Champion
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Jimmy Sutton
#63 250 CZ – Phoenix, AZ
1999 CZ Nationals Novice Champion
2000 CZ Nationals Intermediate Champion
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Norm Stradleigh
#435 – Phoenix, AZ
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Robert Bowen
Gilbert, AZ
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Bill Stamey
Bagdad, AZ
“Strong to the End”
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Suzette Stamey
Bagdad, AZ
2001 AVDRA Womens Intermediate “Sportsman of the Year”
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Steve Prinke
2001 AVDRA Iron Man Winner
2002 AVDRA “High Point Rider”
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Joe Hart
#8t – Henderson, NV
2000 250 & 30+ Novice National Champion
2003 Intermediate National Winnder
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Jeff Smith
#4 – Wasaw, WI
ex-World Champion
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Gary Cochell
#545 BSA – Visalia, CA
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Louis Hamel
#56x – NorCal
AMS Racing | Team AMS
John Hart
#7 – Las Vegas, NV
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Dorian Sleeper
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Mark Hammond
Lake Havasu, NV
“Too Tall”
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Justin Michael Bowen
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Jim Rike
#807 / #007 Yamaha TT 500 – Mesa, AZ
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Bruce Kenyon
#632 1982 Maico 490
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Rob Wicks
CZ 400 – South Africa
AMS Racing | Team AMS
Kent Wicks
CZ 400 – South Africa
Past National VMX Champions
#5v David Boydstun, Mesa AZ
Classic 500 Expert

#461 Bill Nazelrod, Ellicott City, MD
Sportsman 125 Expert

Peggy Cozart, Atlanta, GA
98′ 99′ 00′ 01′ Womens Expert

#99x Marc Pape, Phoenix, AZ
Sportsman 125 Novice

#8t Joe Hart
Sportsman 250 Novice-40+ Novice

#156 Jim Wait
Sportsman 125 Int

Mark Hammond
Sportsman 500 Novice

Jerry Morrison
30+ Novice

#4 Jeff Smith
Premier 500 Expert-2001 60+ Expert

Eugene Crawford
Classic 250/500 Novice

Wayne Rantz
Premier Lt Wt Novice-Classic 125 Novice-Sportsman Open Twin Novice

Jeff Clark
Sportsman 250 Int/ 30+ Int/40+ Int-2001 National Champion, Sportsman 250 Intermediate

George Fannile
Sportsman 250 Expert/30+ Expert

Wayne Mount
60+ Novice- 2001 Classic 500 Novice National Champion

Ed Flanigan
Classic 125 Expert/Sportsman 500 Expert

Brad Lackey 40+ Expert

AMS Racing | Team AMS

AMS Racing | Transportation