So, you think you have all the answers? Think you would take home all the money on Jeopardy if they only had a motocross category? Here is a few questions to jog your memory and amaze your friends, wife, or kids that you are the king of MX trivia! Answers are at the bottom, but don’t cheat, or Super Hunky will come to your house and use your bathroom!

  1. Who was the first AMA 500 National Champion?
  2. Who was the first 500 2-stroke World Champion?
  3. Who was the “King of Carlsbad”?
  4. Who was the first European Bultaco factory rider to ride in the US?
  5. What are the last name’s of the owners of Maico?
  6. Who won the most World MX Championship’s?
  7. Who was the tallest American motocross rider?
  8. Who won four consecutive National 250 MX Championships?
  9. Name 3 privateer’s who won Nationals (pre 75′).
  10. What brand of bike did all three ride to these wins?
  11. What was Jimmy Weinert’s nickname?
  12. What year did Brad Lackey leave the US to chase the World 500 title?
  13. What bike brand did Mickey Kessler ride for?
  14. Wyman Priddy hails from what state, and what brand of bike did he ride?
  15. Name two pairs of brothers that rode MX in the 70’s.

*** If you got all these correct, you are an MX trivia expert. You are either spending too much time reading old magazines now, or you spent too much time reading Motocross Action when you were in school (when all this was happening!).

*** If you got half correct, you were there but spent too much time chasing pit tootsies or partying in the back of your van after the last moto.

*** If you got less than 2 correct, you are either too young to remember, partied before the first moto, or were a hippie and could have cared less about motorcycles or anything else for that matter!

Answers: (1) Mark Blackwell (2) Paul Fredricks (3) Gerrit Wolsink (4) Marcel Wiertz (5) Maich Family (6) Joel Roberts (6 Titles) (7) Gary Bailey [6′ 5″] (8) Gary Jones [71′,72′,73′,74′] (9) Sonny DeFeo, Wyman Priddy, Tony D. (10) CZ (11) Jammer or Jaws (12) 1973 (13) Montesa (14) Texas, rode Kawasaki (15) Gary and Dwayne Jones, Jim and Ron Pomeroy