1971 Husky 400 Cross


Bengt Aberg Replica
The same model bike as ridden by Steve McQueen and Malcolm Smith in the Movie “On Any Sunday”
Last 4-Speed Husky
Restored to Stock Condition
Motor is fully rebuilt with rod, piston, bearings, seals, and gaskets
Frame, hubs, clamps, cases, air box, forks etc are powder coated
Polished, original akront rims
Replated all original hardware
Stainless steel spokes and new wheel bearings
OEM Grey cabels
OEM Magura Trap door throttle w/cable boot and Magura Levers, w/replica Grey Cables
New seat foam and cover. assembled by “Vintage Husky”
Does not have original painted rear fender. Has a New replica alloy rear tip fender.
New alloy 21″ front fender
New H D 520 chain
Uni Filter
Professionally painted tank by John La Fever of “Vintage Husky”
All correct Hardware
New Period Tires w/new tubes and rim locks
OEM Number plates and OEM front # plate bracket