AMS Racing Welcomes International Buyers!

We have sold vintage products to over 120 countries since 1990, and are located in sunny Mesa, AZ U.S.A. (on the west coast next to southern California).

To Order From AMS Racing, we will need the following payment details.

  • Full Name on Credit Card
  • Credit Card Type
  • Credit Card Number
  • Credit Card Expiration Number
  • Complete Billing Address
  • Complete Mailing Address (if different than billing)

You may contact AMS Racing via e-mail, fax 480-615-6773, or by phone at 480-610-4574. Please be aware of our hours of operation and local time available at the top of every page.

When ordering shocks or pipes you will be charged first for the parts. When they arrive at AMS Racing, we will re-box them and charge you for the shipping plus a $5.00 fee.

AMS Racing deals with many suppliers, and we do our best to keep our inventory stocked. However we cannot control our suppliers inventory or ship dates. If we have your item in stock, we will ship it by the next working day.

Good luck at the races!!