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100cc Centurian

The 1970 Kawasaki 100cc Centurian, also known as the ‘Baby Greenstreak’, was for a short time the fastest 100cc bike on the race track. It was specialy built for American Scrambles tracks, coming stock with Dunlop K70 tires. These bikes were 100% competition born.

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1970 1971

Photo Credit: Dave Maestrejuan ( maestrejuan.com )

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“3 of a Kind” – How many of these are still out there?

Do you own a G31M? If so, contact us with your name, frame #, and motor #. Approximately 3,400 1970 & 1,400 1971 G31M’s were built, and none had matching numbers.

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Yours can look like one of these too!
Kawasaki G31-M/MA 1970-71′ Baby Greenstreak Parts List
Pipe Mount (Front) w/RubberRear # Plate Bracket
# Plate Set of 3
Frame Loop w/# Plate Tabs & Seat Bracket
Rear Fender Plates (2)
Cables (Grey Replicas) Clutch, Front, Back
NOS Bike Stand
Petcock (OEM Copy)
Kill Button G31-MA (1971 Only)
OEM Fuel Line w/Spring
Front # Plate Bracket w/Strap (OEM Part)
Seat Foam
Seat Cover (w/Correct Stitching & Print)
Seat Pan
Complete Seat
Heat Shield (Fiberglass Replica)
Replica Tires 350×18 K70 Copy
Lever OEM (Replica)
Grips OEM (Replica)
Service Manual
Workshop Manual
Rear Fender Top Mounting Bracket
Top End Bearing
Cylinder Replating
Rod Kit
Seal Kit (Complete Motor)
Brake Shoes (1 Pair)
428 H.D. Chain
Fork Seals
Tank Stickers (Pair)
Spoke Set 36 (Stainless)
Shift Rubber (OEM)
Kick Rubber (OEM)
18″ Tubes 325×18
1.85 Rim Locks
18″ Rim Band
Complete Restoration: Available
Motor Building: Available, Starting @ $250.00
Wheel Lacing: Available
Custom Tank Painting: Available
$120.00 (Set of 3)
$200.00 (1 Set)
$150.00 (Pair)
AMS Racing | G31M Engine Completed
This is what your motor should look like when finished.

AMS Racing | Greenstreak Tank AMS Racing | Greenstreak Tank AMS Racing | Greenstreak Tank AMS Racing | Greenstreak Tank AMS Racing | Greenstreak Tank
Green Tank – 1970 G31M
1968 Kawasaki 238 Scrambler
“My Little Red Streak”
1971 G31M
Prototype G31M Tank
Kawasaki G31M Foot Peg Rubbers
OEM Style
Kawasaki G31M – Complete Rear Mounting Kit | Fenders
Kawasaki G31M Inner Fender BracesRear Under Fender # Plate Bracket Top Rear Fender Bracket
Kawasaki G31M Gas Valve / Petcock
Kawasaki G31M – Complete Set w/Brackets and Band
Number Plates are Laser Cut Alloy w/Dye Stamped HolesFront Number Plate Bracket Front Number Plate Band
1970 Kawasaki Greenstreak
Built for Bill Cappel by AMS Racing.
Steve McQueen’s Bike
The ex-Steve McQueen, Von Dutch 1970 Kawasaki 100cc G31M Centurian “Ringadingdoo!”.
AMS Racing | Steve McQueen's Bike

Steve McQueen’s G31 sold for $55,575.00 at auction.
This Kawasaki G31M Centurian is one of six given to Steve McQueen by the Japanese manufacturer to be used during the filming of the motion picture, Le Mans in France, and is typical of the new generation of lightweight trail bikes emerging at that time. The late 1960s/early 1970s saw the popularity of off-road riding increase immensely, although many found that models developed from large capacity roadsters were hard work on the dirt. The result was a rash of lightweight two-stroke trail bikes, although the G31M was actually a full-on moto-crosser that produced 18.5bhp at 10,500rpm, a staggering output for a 100cc single-cylinder machine. Combined with a dry weight of only 178lbs, this made for one exciting package and the performance available would certainly have appealed to Steve McQueen. Steve was supposed to use the Kawasaki’s for running around the vast Le Mans racetrack in France, but he left this one behind at his hangar at Santa Paula airport. When he and Von Dutch returned from the filming, he told Dutch to get rid of the Kawasaki green paint and prepare the bike for use around the airport. Dutch repainted the tank in orange, striped it in gold and gave it the name “Ringadingdoo!,” presumably a reference to the noise made by an un-silenced race-tuned two-stroke. Steve used the Kawasaki for trips to the coffee shop and visiting friends’ hangars.In the mid-1970s Dutch moved back to California to take over the job vacated by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth at the Brucker family’s “Cars of the Stars and Planes of Fame” Museum at Buena Park. When the Museum closed in 1979 Dutch was kept on as custodian of the Brucker family’s private collection in Santa Paula, California where he died in 1992. The vendor first came across this Kawasaki in 1990 when he visited Dutch at the Bruckers’ warehouse, where it was stored. Dutch recounted the bike’s story and then signed it: “Done up for Steve McQueen by Von Dutch”. The machine’s history was later confirmed to the vendor by Ed Roth, Dutch’s predecessor at the Bruckers’, who had worked with him on the filming of “Le Mans.” The only time “Ringadingdoo!” has ever been seen in public was at recent vintage cycle meet in Dixon. Cool and understated, yet packing a serious punch ” it’s easy to understand why Steve liked it ” this lovely little bike represents an exciting opportunity to acquire a unique machine representing the great friendship and respect that Steve and Dutch had for each other. Offered without Reserve Hammer Price (inc premium) $55,575 Year 1970 Engine Number: G31E01347

AMS Racing | Steve McQueen's Bike