Montesa ID Guide

Montesa ID Guide

Montesa ID Guide

Good Luck! It really helps the parts guy to get you the correct part the first time if he has all the information you can give him. Because the bikes we ride are not new, many things could have been changed over the past years. Many European companies introduced new stuff when they got it, which was sometimes in the middle of a production run and not just on their new model.

There are examples of where on a Montesa to find the ID at the bottom of the page. Not all VIN’s are where they are in the first two pictures, but on the steering head like in the last picture.

02=Impala 175cc
03=Impala 175cc Sport
10=Cota 25 Trials
11=Cota Trials 4-Speed 250
12=175 Texas
13=Diablo 250cc
14=Enduro 175cc
18=Cappra MX 125cc
19=Cota 172cc
20=Cota 49
21=Cota Trials 5-Speed 250cc
23=LaCross 250cc
24=Scorpion 250cc
25=Impala Sport 250cc
27=Mini Moped
28=Cota Trials 6-Speed 125cc
30=Scorpion 50
33=Cappra 250cc
34=King Scorpion 250cc
36=Cappra GP MX 360cc(early)
38=125 VA
43=Cappra GP 5-Speed 250cc
44=King Scorpion “Automix”
45=Rapita 250
46=Cappra GP 360cc
50=Cota 25C
51=Cota 348-349
53=Cappra GP 4-Speed 250cc
54=Enduro 250
63=Cappra MX 250cc
66=Cappra 360 (1976+)
73=Cappra 250 (1974+)

Examples of Parts Numbering System
21=Cota 5-Speed;60=Engine Group;03801=Head Pipe;

02=Impala;30=Front Fork;010=Crown;

Here are the Group Numbers:
30=Front Fork
35=Lower Fork
40=Rear Suspension
50=Wheel &Hubs
65=Kick Starter
66=Gear Change
80=Speedo &Horn
Prefixes 5, 6, 7, 12, 15, D, H, &U are Miscellaneous Components.
0/000 thru 000/000 are AMAL Carburetor Components.

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