Piston Kits



Wiseco Pistons-quality replacements for Vintage Mxers. STD thru .080 over, most bikes.

CZ 125 (while they last)

CZ 250/400-New Wiseco Prolite piston with clips/rings and wrist

CZ 360 also (Kolben Scmidts)

Honda CR125- 74 thru 79

Honda CR250- 73 thru 77

Honda CR250- 78 thru 80

Suzuki TM250- 75 (also TS and RL)

Suzuki RM250- 77 thru 80

Suzuki TM400- 71 thru 75

Husky 250 CR/WR- 75-84

Husky 360 (non reed) while they last! (4 speed)

Yamaha MX/YZ/DT250

Yamaha MX 250/360 (while they last)

Yamaha AT1 (while they last)

Maico 400 (while they last)


Top end bearings

Wrist pins

Hard to find Maico, Husky, Yamaha pistons, check with AMS Racing, we can supply!

Cylinder sleeves