1977 Maico AW400



Low Time Original Bike
Taken Apart and Powder coated Cardinal Red (Frame, Swing arm, Pegs, Tank)
Pipe Stay & Head Stay Powdered Coated Black
New Tires/Tubes (Metzlers)
New Front/Rear Plastic Fenders
New Side Panel Set
New Set of MXM Tank Decals
New Chrome Bars w/New Magura Levers
New Clutch
New Front Brake
New Compression Release
New Magura Kill Button
New Cables
New Magura 514 Plastic throttle and Oury Grips
New Seat Base, Foam & Cover
New Fork Seals & Oil
Rear Shocks are Original Gas Girlings OEM (Work Great!)
New DiD Chain on Original Sprockets
the motor is on standard bore and the ring Within factory specs.
the slide in the Bing looks new.
New Uni Filter

Look at the rims closely. NO tire tool marks… NONE! I took off the original tires… this was a low time bike that may have never found it’s way to the track! Front of the fork legs are totally smooth… no marks. the original side panels never had #’s on them… it had no front # plate either… Wheels have not been redone… Stock pipe With only a few very small dents on the underside.

Ready to Race or Collect!