1980 Honda CR 250 R



My personal race bike.
Works Shocks
Marzochi 40mm Forks w/Machined Factory Clamps
ProForm Racing Pipes
PFR Alloy Silencer
Powder Coated Frame
Polished & Powdered Coated thor Arm
New Plastic Tony D Front Fender
Billet Front # Plate Mount
MX Fox Alloy Airbox Ring
Matching Bridgestone Tubes
RM Locks
All Hardware Replated
All Alloy Polished
Fat Skinny Renthal Bars
Power Clutch Lever
New Cable & Controls
PFR Fat Pegs
New Seat Foam & Cover
Uni Filter
New Piston
New Rod
New Bearings
New Seals
Ported Cylinder Modified Head
Painted & Plated the Motor to “As New” Condition
79 E Ignition
38mm Mikuni Carb
Balanced Cranks
High Center DiD 18″ Rear Rim
Gold Anodized Rims
VMX Racing Alloy Brake Arm
Alloy Rear Sprocket
Gold DiD Chain
79/80 Stickers
Ready to Race!